The New Yorker's Eustace Tilley Contest 2012

•redesign of Rea Irvin's inaugural New Yorker cover for the 2012 contest
Eustace Tikal illo

New Yorker Unfinished Cover Contest

•modified George Booth New Yorker cover, featured on the New Yorker blog in August 2011; click here to see my image on the New Yorker blog and read about the contest championed by the terrific James Gurney
unfinished cover illo

They Draw and Cook

•illustrated recipe; click here to open a large version in a new window
Recipe illo

Miscellaneous - unpublished

bldg_image ljg_image

Poster for Tomorrow 2011

•two submissions for Poster for Tomorrow 2011: Right to Education
birthright illo caps for all illo

Vampires/City of Eternals (facebook) - Ohai

•illustrations for facebook MMO game
coe_2_image coe_6_image coe_5_image coe_7_image coe_8_image coe_3_image